Cotuit Water District’s Proposed Solar Farm

Contract for Proposed Leased Project Solar 1 & Solar 2 awarded to Borrega Solar by the Cotuit Prudential Committee dated September 29, 2016.

Information to be Submitted to MassDEP for Proposed Wind and Solar Energy Projects on Lands Owned or Controlled By Public Water Systems for Drinking Water Purposes See Guideline Bureau of Resource Protection Drinking Water Program BRP 2011-1

National Heritage of Endangered Species Response_16-36131

National Resource Inventory of 2 Leased Parcels

Cotuit Water District Well Distribution System Map 2010

One thought on “Cotuit Water District’s Proposed Solar Farm

  1. I am very concerned about the solar project proposed for the land abutting Mariner Circle. Solar panels emit a humming noise which we will hear in the evenings during the summer when we sit outside, not to mention the ecological ramifications of clear cutting an area that size. Surely, this is not what the Barnstable Land Trust would support! I don’t believe this to be in the best interests of the residents of Cotuit. Water rates are very low, and I would rather pay more than have that in Cotuit. Thank you