Upcoming Precinct 7 & Town Council Meetings August

Cotuit Fire Commissioner’s Meeting – Tuesday August 1, 5:30pm, Freedom Hall

Cotuit Prudential Committee Meeting – Wednesday August 2, 9am,  Freedom Hall

Cotuit Water Commissioner’s Meeting – Wednesday August 2, 9am, Freedom Hall

Town Council Committee to Assess Homelessness – Monday August 7, 6pm, Town Hall

Cotuit Fire Commissioner’s Meeting – Tuesday August 8, 5:30pm & 6:15pm, Freedom Hall

Precinct 7 Monthly Meeting – Wednesday August 9, 3-5pm, Cotuit Library

Cotuit Prudential Committee Meeting – Tuesday August 15, 4pm,  Town Hall

Town Council Appointments Committee – Tuesday August 15, 5:30pm, Town Hall

Cotuit/Santuit Civic Association Village Meeting – Tuesday August 15, 7:30pm, Freedom Hall

Cotuit Water Commissioner’s Meeting – Wednesday August 16, 6pm Freedom Hall

Town Council Asset Management Advisory Committee – Thursday August 17, 6pm, Town Hall Cancelled

Town Council Meeting – Thursday August 17, 7pm, Town Hall

Cotuit Prudential Committee Meeting – Monday August 28, 4pm, Freedom Hall

Swimming Advisory

UPDATE: July 31, 2017

Cyanobacteria Update (These observations are based on our inspection of high risk Barnstable ponds with public or semi-public beaches.)


Lovells, Marston Mills

Long Pond, Centerville

No-Bottom, Cotuit


Advisory: Toxic algae is present, but has not collected into a film on the surface. Pond shows slight discoloration. Can easily see through water. Low to minimal health risks to people, higher risks for pets.

Warning: Toxic algae has started to collect and form a film on the surface. Pond shows slight to moderate discoloration. Can see through water, but water is cloudy. Low to moderate health risks for people, higher risks for pets.

Closure: Toxic algae has collected and formed a thick film on the surface (looks like soup or paint). Pond shows extreme discoloration. Cannot see through water at all. Moderate to severe health risks for people, higher risks for pets.

Health Advisory: Effective 7-13-17, Lovell’s Pond Beach in Santuit is Closed to Swimming due to cyanobacteria and water visibility <4 feet. Check HERE for updates. Learn more about algae blooms HERE

Lovell’s Pond Boat Ramp

Town wide Beach Locations & Contact Information HERE


Rt 28 Corridor Study

UPDATE: July 31, 2017

For those who could not attend the meeting, a copy of the presentation is now available on the Route 28 Eastern Mashpee Corridor Study website:


Meeting notes, including comments from the map exercise, are being compiled and will be posted on the website when available.

Mark your calendar for the second public meeting, Wednesday, September 27that Mashpee Public Library (64 Steeple Street, Mashpee, MA) at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will include a presentation of potential improvements, followed by an interactive group discussion. The focus of the meeting will be the gathering of public feedback on the potential improvements for the corridor. This is the final planned public meeting for this project. A report will be prepared following a review of the feedback from this public meeting and any other comments received from the public.

Please feel free to contact Steven Tupper stupper@capecodcommission.org or call 508.362.3828 with questions or thoughts.




Route 28 Barnstable/Eastern Mashpee Corridor Study –

 Route 130 to Orchard Road

Public Meeting Set for July 26, 2017

BARNSTABLE COUNTY, MA – Cape Cod Commission, Town of Barnstable and Town of Mashpee staff will host a public meeting to discuss the Route 28 Eastern Mashpee Corridor Study on Wednesday, July 26that the Mashpee Public Library (64 Steeple Street, Mashpee) at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will include an overview of project goals and existing conditions, followed by an interactive group discussion. The focus of the meeting will be gathering public feedback on issues, opportunities, and visions for the future of the corridor. 

The section of Route 28 from Route 130 to Orchard Road was identified as a priority for investigation based on the congestion and safety issues experienced on this section of roadway. This section of road is often congested, with particularly significant back-ups experienced during summer months. This congestion is a barrier to regional travel as well as access to local businesses and residences. Additionally, safety issues exist at many locations along the corridor with more than 150 crashes occurring along this stretch of road over a three-year period. Also of key concern is accommodation for all road users including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users. This is a heavily used corridor for non-motorized users looking to access their jobs and retail destinations from their neighborhoods.

The Cape Cod Commission, under the 2017 Unified Planning Work Program, is conducting a transportation planning study for the area with the goal of developing alternatives that will provide safe and convenient access within the study area for all users of the roadway system including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Potential context-sensitive improvements will look to improve safety, reduce congestion, and improve accommodations for all users. A 2nd public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, 2017 to discuss identified potential improvement alternatives. View HERE  for the latest Route 28 Corridor Study information.

Bikes & People Planning

UNITED KINGDOM – JULY 14, 1896: Charles Stewart Rolls (1877-1910). Rolls (right) is pictured riding a tandem with his friend Legard while they were students at Cambridge University. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

Please assist MassDOT in developing their statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

HERE is a link to direct you to a web site where you can map your bike and pedestrian projects. This mapping will assist MassDOT in developing priorities for their future bicycle and pedestrian projects.