Water Quality – Beach Status

Update 6/16/21 Received from Amber Unruh

The Town of Barnstable will be contracting with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod to conduct routine monitoring and reporting of cyanobacteria in Barnstable’s Lakes and Ponds.  This sampling will begin soon. If you are interested in receiving an email notification, when a potentially toxic bloom is identified by APCC, you must opt-in to the APCC toxic alerts.

In order to receive email notification for toxic alerts, click this link:  https://apcc.org/our-work/science/community-science/cyanobacteria/cyanobacteria-alert/  This link will bring you to a webpage where you must enter your email in order to receive toxic alerts.

You can also check out the cyanoMAP at https://apcc.org/our-work/science/community-science/cyanobacteria/ to see the recent cyanobacteria monitoring results from APCC.

Update 5/7/21 Received from Karen Malkus-Benjamin

To all recipients of the cyanobacteria alert e-mails:
The Town of Barnstable has created a new water quality page on the town’s website:
https://barnstablewaterresources.com/ The cyanobacteria e-mail alerts have been discontinued.
Also, due to staff changes, I will no longer be managing the cyanobacteria monitoring program for the Health Division. So this will be the final e-mail from me.
If you need general information about Cyanobacteria please check out the following web sites:

For local health questions call the Health Division 508-862-4644
For pond and lake question contact the DPW’s  Amber Unruh

View Current Water Quality & Beach Status Report for Town of Barnstable  HERE

The Town of Barnstable shares data with Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC), which is updated for Barnstable on Thursday afternoons.

To check if your pond has been sampled and its current status please check the APCC Cyanomap HERE

Also, please remember the CDC guidance: “When in doubt it is best to stay out!” View CDC Site HERE

Cyanobacteria FAQ HERE