Ropes Beach Stormwater Project

Barnstable was awarded additional funding this spring to allow for the complete construction of a gravel wetland at Ropes beach. It will run along the wall at the front of the parking. Parking spaces along the wall will be retained and just pushed back slightly to allow for the new system. The two parking spaces wrapped around the end of the monument will be removed to ensure proper width to maintain clear access into the Mosquito Yacht Club.
Once complete the system will be below ground and flush to the parking lot surface with a grate covering the plants and soil installed in the trench allowing cars to still pull up relatively close toward the wall as seen on the design plans. People will be able to walk directly on/over the system and the wall to get to the beach. The plants unlike in the example photo (below) will be recessed and below the grate as shown in the design plan. Improvements will be made to the existing dirt path using a series of shallow, long steps to access the water both for drainage and to prevent erosion/gullying.  This may require some adjustment to get used to but ultimately should improve access. The proposed and approved work for a second system at the end of the wall near the large tree as you travel past the parking along Old Shore Road is not being constructed at this time.
Recognizing that work at this site at this time of year will result in some limitations on access and parking, the contractor, Sumco, will do their best to complete the work quickly to minimize these impacts. A larger area will be fenced off only for a short period during active construction. Your understanding and patience during this brief period and support for the project overall is appreciated as it will ultimately help improve the water quality in the bays removing nutrients (nitrogen) and bacteria currently washing into the bay causing beach and shellfish closures.
At present the plan is for initial site set up the week of May 13 with some materials to be delivered and set up on site. Two small holes are planned to be dug start of next week. These will be along the wall in two parking spots and will require temporarily blocking off parking for that morning/day of the work. These will be filled with gravel when complete to allow the reopening of parking access and for people to safely park on until further work gets underway. Work to install the new steps in place of the dirt path is anticipated to begin next week. It is anticipated there will be about a one week period for digging out and installing the new system along the wall. During this time a larger area between the monument and wall including that portion of parking will be fenced off both for public safety and to provide the construction crew and equipment space to work. The goal is to complete this work after Memorial Day to minimize impact of the holiday weekend but timing is not guaranteed as it will depend upon the delivery date of specialized pre-cast materials. The area for installation of this underground gravel wetland runs from the end of the wall near the Mosquito Yacht Club to the first bend in the wall, thus temporarily affecting the parking spaces in that area. The additional spots further down along the wall and road will be open to use and access to Old Shore Road and the boat launch will not be impeded. The road will remain open throughout the project. Final work, including some repaving and planting, will follow but the target finish date is mid-to late June. Actual dates and construction may vary as materials and approvals for work are pending.
If you have any questions or concerns you can contact April Wobst, project manager from Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) (508)619-3185, or Dr. Dale Saad, (508)790-6400 Special Project Manager from Barnstable Department of Public Works.

Cotuit Recreation Facilities Tour Today

2019 Recreation Facility Tour in Cotuit

Monday May 13, 5:45pm Beginning at Lowell Park

Invitation to the Public to Join the Recreation Commission as they view all Town owned facilities in the village.

1. Lowell Park
2. Cotuit Tennis/Pickleball Courts 
3. Cotuit School 
4. Ropes Beach
5. Memorial Park & Playground
6. Loop Beach

The Town would like to invite anyone from the public – to meet them at each site above .  The Recreation Commission will be leaving the HYCC at 5:30pm to go to the sites in the order above and complete the tour by 7:30pm.