Tropical Storm Jose WARNING

Update: September 18, 2017


– LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Below tropical storm force wind
– Peak Wind Forecast: 20-30 mph with gusts to 60 mph

– LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Localized storm surge possible
– Peak Storm Surge Inundation: The potential for 1-3 feet
above ground somewhere within surge prone areas
– Window of concern: Begins early this afternoon

– Localized inundation with storm surge flooding mainly along immediate shorelines and in low-lying spots, or in areas farther inland near where higher surge waters move ashore.
– Sections of near-shore roads and parking lots become
overspread with surge water. Driving conditions dangerous
in places where surge water covers the road.
– Moderate beach erosion. Heavy surf also breaching dunes, mainly in usually vulnerable locations. Strong rip currents.
– Minor to locally moderate damage to marinas, docks,
boardwalks, and piers. A few small craft broken away from

– Peak Rainfall Amounts: 4-8 inches, with locally higher

– Localized rainfall flooding may prompt a few evacuations.
– Rivers and tributaries may quickly rise with swifter
currents. Small streams, creeks, canals, arroyos, and
ditches may become swollen and overflow in spots.
– Flood waters can enter a few structures, especially in
usually vulnerable spots. A few places where rapid ponding
of water occurs at underpasses, low-lying spots, and poor
drainage areas. Several storm drains and retention ponds
become near-full and begin to overflow. Some brief road and bridge closures.


Attention Town of Barnstable Mooring Permit Holders!

Please be advised of a potential strong wind/rain event next week 9/18/17.HERE is the link to the storm precautions web page.  Please take all necessary precautions and if you have any questions contact the Harbormasters Office at 508-790-6273


Shellfishing Reopens



UPDATE – 8/23/17 Shellfishing Open

Due to heavy rains, the Town of Barnstable is CLOSED TO ALL HARVEST OF SHELLFISH

For updates & additional information Contact Dan Horn Marine & Environmental Director or call MEA Supervisor, Douglas Kalweit
P 508-790-6272
F 508-790-6275
8:30a-4:15p, M-F




2017 Open Space & Recreation Plan Update

TODAY is the Deadline to Submit Your Survey

Please take a moment to fill out the 2017 Open Space and Recreation Plan Survey HERE. This short survey is meant to better understand the importance of parks, trails, conservation areas, recreation programs and other opportunities to the Barnstable community. The information gathered will help update the Town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan. In addition to the above survey, the Town invites you to participate in one or more of the upcoming discussion sessions, designed to engage key community members and local officials in a discussion of issues relevant to the plan. Your participation and input will allow for your thoughts, concerns and priorities to be incorporated into the updated plan.

The Town of Barnstable is updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan, last adopted in 2010. The plan (view HERE) allows the community to identify and evaluate goals, challenges, opportunities and priorities for open space protection, land management, and the provision of recreational opportunities. Planning for our Town’s “green infrastructure” of water, land, forests, wildlife habitat, parks, recreation areas, and trails is important to our economic future, community identity, and quality of life.

The plan is being developed to comply with guidance from the Massachusetts Division of Conservation Services and will be submitted to that agency for approval. An approved plan is necessary for the Town to qualify for certain land acquisition financial assistance provided by the Commonwealth. It is also an important opportunity to re-assess community needs and priorities for open space protection and the provision of recreational opportunities.

Session I: Land Management: The Functions of Open Space
DATE/TIME: July 6, 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Location: Selectmen’s Conference Room, Town Hall
Topics: Management issues and challenges, working landscapes, disposition/purchase of properties, protecting ground and surface waters, resource needs.

Session II: Recreation: Fields, Facilities, Trails, Parks and Programs
DATE/TIME: July 10, 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Location: Hyannis Youth & Community Center
Topics: Highlights since 2010, planned facilities and programs, programs and partnerships, outreach to improve access for all residents, use or maintenance issues, beaches and coastal access issues.

Session III: Resource Protection: Conserving, Preserving and Restoring Open Spaces
DATE/TIME: July 27, 3:30-5:30 PM
Location: Selectmen’s Conference Room, Town Hall
Topics: Highlights since 2010, priority acquisition goals, use of creative tools for land protection, habitat protection, connectivity, climate change and resiliency, improved access for all residents, stewardship issues, resource needs.

Please email Anna at to let us know which meetings you will be able to attend.