Upcoming Precinct 7 & Town Meetings – March

Town Council Parking Sub Committee – Tuesday March 3, 5:30, Town Hall

Town Council Meeting – Thursday March 5, 7pm,Town Hall CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Town Council Roads Sub-Committee Meeting – Monday March 16, 5:30pm, Town Hall 

Monthly Precinct 7 Open Meeting – Wednesday March 18 – 5pm, Cotuit Library – ****NOTE 3rd Wednesday this month

Town Council Meeting – Thursday March 19, 7pm, Town Hall

Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee – Thursday March 26, 12:30pm, Freedom Hall

Town Council Parking Sub Committee – Thursday March 26, 6pm Town Hall

Town Council Compensation Sub Committee- Friday March 27, 2pm, Town Hall


The One Cape Summit will provide a regional forum to address the issue of water quality planning. Bringing together policy makers and stakeholders in an effort to support collaboration in local water quality planning initiatives.

Cape Cod Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis

Wednesday February 25, 6pm – All Cape Selectmen & Councilors’ Session

Thursday February 26, 8am – Open to Public

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Road Snow and Ice Removal

February 22, 2015 – This morning three DPW managers, including Director, Dan Santos, went to several roads and “plowed” them. There was a minimum amount of slush to plow. Not much melting had occurred and they each concluded that plowing would just leave a sheet of ice on the road. They have enough salt to make a 4 to 1 ratio of sand to salt and have decided to have crews sand/salt all the secondaries. This process should also take about eight hours to complete.

With the temperature expected to go well below freezing after today’s thaw, surface conditions will become slippery.

Take precautions when driving and walking.








Frostbite stages:

  • First degree: ice crystals forming on your skin
  • Second degree: your skin begins to feel warm, even though it is not yet defrosted.
  • Third degree: your skin turns red, pale, or white.
  • Fourth degree: pain lasts for more than a few hours, and you may see dark blue or black areas under the skin. See a doctor immediately if these symptoms arise. Gangrene is a real threat.

Hypothermia occurs when a person’s body temperature is below 96 degrees, and temperatures as low as 60 degrees can cause hypothermia if someone isn’t properly clothed.

Remember these tips to help prevent hypothermia:

  • Dress in layers
  • Always wrap up well when going outside in the cold.
  • Set your thermostat to at least a toasty 70 degrees during cold weather.
  • Avoid extensive exposure to breezes and drafts.
  • Keep plenty of nutritious food and warm clothes and blankets on hand to help ward off the winter chill. You’d also be wise to wear a warm hat during these months.
  • Eat hot foods and drink warm drinks several times during the day.
  • Ask a family member of neighbor to check on you often.
  • Ask your doctor if any medicine you’re taking increases your risk of hypothermia. Some drugs make it difficult for your body to stay warm. Drugs that may cause a problem include barbiturates, benzodiazepines, chlorpromazine, reserpine, and tricyclic antidepressants.


February 16, 2015 5:15 AM – Good morning.  DPW is back at work and back in all the secondary maps.  Today’s plan is to make sure the secondary roads are pushed back to pre-storm levels and cleaned up.  We also will be running the main roads again to push back any drifting.  Sidewalk clearing will begin today, and we will have a few loaders out working to push back mounds on particularly bad corners.