Cotuit Memorial Park

Cotuit Memorial Park needs improvements and the Cotuit-Santuit Civic Association has taken on the task of creating a draft plan to be submitted to the Town for Capital Improvement Project consideration.

The thoughts behind the park improvements are to address the declining condition of the shade trees, improve flow of the paths and make them ADA compliant, correct the poor drainage near the playground and re-organize the three annual flower beds along Main Street. See Draft Plan Here presented at the November 28, 2017 Civic Association Meeting held at Freedom Hall.

The first sketch shows a bird’s eye view of the proposed park improvement.  The “spoke” of the paths would be pushed back to align with the library stairs; this would require removing two shade trees. The spoke would be enlarged and the WWII Memorial stone relocated to the center with the addition of a new flagpole and flower beds. The path directly opposite the library stairs would extend into the park and pass the other two memorials finishing at School Street.  Benches would be set at the flagpole/memorial area.  The draft plan includes reshaping the existing flower beds into softer more organic shapes, removing three existing Crab Apple trees and planting new Bradford Pear trees in the center of the flower beds. The second sketch shows the view from Main Street.  A new shade tree would be planted where the library parking lot juts out into the park and the library has offered to provide a spotlight from their building to illuminate the flagpole. The photo included is an example of what it might look like.

Keep posted as there is likely to be a “Friends of Cotuit Memorial Park” group formed to assist in the planning and fundraising efforts for the project.

Upcoming Precinct 7 & Town Council Meetings December

Cotuit Prudential Committee Meeting – Friday Dec 1, 4pm, Freedom Hall

Town Council Committee to Assess Homelessness – Monday Dec 4, 6pm, Town Hall

Town Council Zoning & Regulation Review Committee – Thursday Dec 7, 6pm, Town Hall

Town Council Meeting – Thursday Dec 7, 7pm, Town Hall

Cotuit Fire Commissioner’s Meeting – Tuesday Dec 12, 5:30pm Freedom Hall

Precinct 7 Monthly Open Meeting – Wednesday Dec 13, 3-5pm, Cotuit Library

Cotuit Water Commissioner’s Meeting – Wednesday Dec 13, 5pm, Freedom Hall

Cotuit Water Commissioner’s Meeting – Wednesday Dec 13, 6pm, Freedom Hall

Cape Cod Commission Continued Public Hearing on proposed Cell Tower, Thursday Dec 14, 3pm, Barnstable County Courthouse

Cotuit Prudential Committee Meeting – Monday Dec 18, 5:30pm, Freedom Hall

Town Council Committee to Assess Homelessness – Monday Dec 18, 6pm, Town Hall

Town Council Appointments Committee – Tuesday Dec 19, 5:30pm, Town Hall

Town Council Asset Management Advisory Committee – Thursday Dec 21, 6pm, Town Hall Cancelled

Town Council Meeting – Thursday Dec 21, 7pm, Town Hall

Town Council Roads Committee – TBD

Meeting Tuesday on Proposed New 170′ Cell Tower


Cells on Wheels, former site of  water tower, 414 Main St., Cotuit



Meeting TUESDAY November 21, 5pm, Freedom Hall

UPDATE – 11/13/17 – See CCC Staff Report HERE

UPDATE – 11/1/17  Cell Tower, 414 Main St., Cotuit –  CCC Public Hearing Notice

View Project Files HERE
CCC CellTower Mtg Notice

UPDATE – 10/13/17: The Cape Cod Commission will be holding a Public Meeting on the project on Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 5pm, Freedom Hall, Main Street Cotuit 

UPDATE – 10/5/17: Hearing Officer (Procedural Only) – TowerNorth Telecommunications Monopole #TR17020
October 19, 2017
10:00 am
Cape Cod Commission, 3225 Main Street, Barnstable, MA 02630

A hearing officer for the Cape Cod Commission will hold a pro-forma hearing on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the Cape Cod Commission, 3225 Main Street, Route 6A, Barnstable, MA for the purpose of procedurally opening the public hearing period on Development of Regional Impact (DRI) review for the following project. The project is a mandatory DRI pursuant to Section 3 of the Cape Cod Commission’s Enabling Regulations Governing Review of Developments of Regional Impact. This notice is being published pursuant to Section 5 of the Cape Cod Commission Act.

Project Name: TowerNorth Telecommunications Monopole
Project Applicant: TowerNorth
Project Site/Location: 414 Main Street, Cotuit, MA
Project Description: Proposed construction of a 170 foot-telecommunications facility tower to serve wireless carriers located on the former Main Street water tank.
NOTE: The purpose of this hearing is to open the DRI hearing period on the project for procedural purposes only. No substantive presentations will be made, no testimony will be taken and no substantive action will be taken regarding this project at this hearing. Further notice will be provided at a future time when substantive project review commences.

Project documents may be viewed at the Cape Cod Commission office located at 3225 Main Street, Route 6A, Barnstable, MA 02630 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Commission office at (508) 362-3828. If you are deaf or hard of hearing or are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation, contact the Cape Cod Commission at (508) 362-3828; for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) dial 711.

UPDATE – 9/05/17: Photo Simulation of proposed cell tower HERE

UPDATE – 7/19/17: Read documents provided by Cotuit Water Department HERE pertaining to the Cotuit Fire District’s proposed new cell tower

UPDATE – 7/18/17:  The Cotuit/Santuit Civic Association will be hosting a public meeting 7:30 at Freedom Hall on Tuesday, July 18 where a representative from the proposed cell tower developer will be present to further discuss the project and answer questions about the project. The public is encouraged to attend.

UPDATE – 7/6/17: The following new Section 106 filing for the proposed cell tower has been submitted.

File Number: 0007844737
TCNS Number: 157671
Purpose: New Tower Submission Packet
Notification Date: 7AM EST 07/07/2017
Applicant: TowerNorth Development, LLC c/o Centerline Communications, LLC
Consultant: EnviroBusiness, Inc. d/b/a EBI Consulting (EBI 6117002280)
Positive Train Control Filing Subject to Expedited Treatment Under Program Comment: No
Site Name: Cotuit
Site Address: 414 Main Street
Detailed Description of Project: 6117002280 Proposed construction of a new telecommunications monopole and compound resulting in ground disturbance
Site Coordinates: 41-37-47.9 N, 70-26-30.7 W
City: Cotuit
Lead SHPO/THPO: Massachusetts Historical Commission

Consultant Contact Information:
EnviroBusiness, Inc. d/b/a EBI Consulting (EBI 6117002280)
21 B Street
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: 914-434-2173

UPDATE 6/23/17:  Cape Cod Times Article 6/23/17


Balloon Test view from 414 Main St., Cotuit, 6/23/17




Osterville Cell Tower, South County Rd., Osterville


Sample Test, Anywhere USA (Fall)

UPDATE 6/16/17: Opportunity to give public comment at Barnstable Historical Commission’s Meeting, Tuesday June 20, 4pm, Town Hall.  View Agenda HERE  If you would like to submit comments in writing email them to , Elizabeth Jenkins, Barnstable’s Director of Planning & Development or to Centerline Communications, the project proponent, View Public Notice 6/16/17 Barnstable Patriot HERE

According to Cotuit Water Department a balloon test is scheduled  for Friday, June 23, 2017 at 12pm. An engineering team from Chappell will be on site to fly the balloon and take view shed analysis photos from the surrounding area. In addition, there is a boat scheduled to obtain photos from Cotuit Bay. Photo simulations will be submitted with the applications, as required by the Town of Barnstable & the Cape Cod Commission.  The balloon will fly for 3+ hours and will include heights of 150’ and 170’.  The test will be coordinated by Jay Thibault, Senior Project Manager – Wireless Services Chappell Engineering Associates, LLC
201 Boston Post Road West, Suite 101
Marlborough, MA 01752
Office: 508.481.7400
Fax: 508.481.7406
Mobile: 617.335.4096


The Cotuit Water Commissioners have signed a contract with Centerline Construction to lease land for the development of a freestanding cell tower.

HERE are the preliminary engineering plans for the proposed cell tower to be located on Cotuit Fire District land. Further maps & info HERE

The consultant for T-Mobile Northeast LLC, (the Applicant) recently relayed the following to Elizabeth Jenkins, Barnstable’s Director of Planning & Development:

  • The tower will be moved towards the center of the site, but will remain on the drive to limit clearing
  •  A monopole tower with three initial carriers is proposed, with room for at least 3 co-locations
  • Height of proposed tower will be no taller than 170′ (height of decommissioned and demolished water tower)
  • They will be conducting a balloon test, date to be determined
  • They will advertise to the Civic Association and other interested parties

The proposed project is considered a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) that requires review by the Cape Cod Commission. See the Commission’s Guidelines for DRI Review of Wireless Communication Towers HERE

Send snail mail comments to: Project 6117002280-WRR, c/o EBI Consulting 21 B Street Burlington, MA 01808  or telephone (914) 434-2173

Check back for updates and public meeting notices.

TODAY is Vessel Storage Deadline


The Harbormaster’s office reminds residents that no vessel shall be stored or placed on any Town property between November 15 and April 15 without written permission from the Harbormaster. Any vessel placed or remaining between those dates shall be considered abandoned property and will be removed by the Town. The Town of Barnstable shall not be responsible for damage to or theft neither of any vessel placed nor for loss of property considered abandoned under this Town’s regulation. Questions? Contact the Harbormaster at 508-790-6273.