Beach Status

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August 10, 2022 – Loop Beach is closed for swimming due to elevated Enterococci bacteria counts.  Due to this exceedance, this beach does not meet 105 CMR 445.00, Minimum Standards for Bathing Beaches, and is required to be closed to swimming.

Re-samples were collected yesterday and the results of the re-samples will be available late this afternoon.

David W. Stanton, RS

Chief Health Inspector

Cyanobacteria Monitoring Map

The 2022 cyanobacteria monitoring program is underway, thanks to our partners and volunteers who make this pond program successful. Click here (PDF) for the 2022 list of ponds being monitored.

Remember, if you notice pond water is scummy, or discolored and may have a strong odor, avoid contact. If you see what you think might be a suspicious cyanobacteria bloom, notify your local health department and send a photo to noting the location, day and time.
If you need general information about Cyanobacteria please check out the following web sites:

For local health questions call the Health Division 508-862-4644

To check if your pond has been sampled and its current status please check the APCC Cyanomap HERE

Also, please remember the CDC guidance: “When in doubt it is best to stay out!” 

Cyanobacteria FAQ HERE