Upcoming Precinct 7 & Town Council Meetings October

Town Council Asset Management Advisory Committee – Thursday October 4, 6pm, Town Hall

Town Council Meeting – Thursday October 4, 7pm, Town Hall

Cotuit Fire Commissioner’s Meeting – Tuesday October 9, 5:30pm, Freedom Hall 

Precinct 7 Monthly Open Meeting – Wednesday October 10, 3-5pm, Cotuit Library

Cotuit Fire District Policy Advisory Committee – Wednesday October 10, 5pm, Freedom Hall

Town Council Appointments Committee – Tuesday October 15, 5:30pm, Town Hall

Town Council Committee to Assess Homelessness – Tuesday October 15, 6pm, Town Hall Cancelled

Town Council Zoning & Regulation Review Committee – Thursday October 18, 6pm, Town Hall

Town Council Meeting – Thursday October 18, 7pm, Town Hall

Cotuit Prudential Committee Meeting – Monday October 22, 5pm, Freedom Hall

Cotuit Water Commissioner’s Meeting – Wednesday October 24, 5:30pm, Freedom Hall

Town Council Roads Committee  – TBD

Attention Transfer Station Users


Over the past year, there have been significant changes to the global recycling market. The major outlets for U.S. recyclables have overhauled their regulations and increased enforcement, with some outlets shutting down. This has created stricter standards in the acceptance of recyclables. Due to these changes, the Solid Waste Division will be adjusting its operation and changing the process on how recyclables are accepted at the Transfer Station & Recycling Center. Beginning October 1, 2018, all recyclables disposed of at the Recycling Center will need to be separated into designated containers for cardboard, plastics, mixed paper, metal cans and glass. Sticker holders will be responsible for separating their recyclable items and disposing of them into the respective containers. To aid in the transition from single stream to separation, there will continue to be two (2) containers for single stream recycling. These two containers will only be available for 60 days to allow sticker holders to adjust to the recycling changes.