There is an Electric Generating Solar project being proposed by the Cotuit Fire District & Cotuit Water Commissioners on 30+ acres of forested District land. 

Having received so many inquiries on where the public may give comment on this significant project, the next public meeting of the Cotuit Water Commissioners is Wednesday March 15, 6pm at Freedom Hall, Main Street, Cotuit. See agenda HERE.

On February 13, 2017, with no public comment, the Barnstable Planning Board unanimously voted to approve TC Agenda # 2017-051. See MAP.  This necessary zoning change would add two parcels of land owned by the Cotuit Fire District. 1.) Map 023, Lot 023: 56.5 acres and 2.) Map 038, Lot 004 158.42 acres  to the “Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Overlay District”.  Final approval for the zoning change is required by the Barnstable Town Council (2/3 vote or 9 of 13) at a Public Hearing on March 23, 2017,  7 pm Town Hall, 367 Main Street, Hyannis.  If you can not attend and wish to comment submit it HERE.

The significant impact of this proposed project will require clear cutting of approximately 30 acres of old growth forest. The location surrounds, borders and is down gradient to zones of contributions of Cotuit Water Supply Wells. Prior to securing required permits, the company contracted to permit, design and construct the facilities, Borrego Solar, was found to be prematurely initiating road clearing, ground testing and marking outside of the proposed location.  The company has issued a letter of “apology” view HERE. Updated Letter of Apology view HERE.

Existing Conditions MAP


Project Overview including Maps

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  1. It is with great dismay that I read in today’s paper that land has ALREADY been cut before the hearings allow for discussion of this project…I received the email on March 5 after the cutting had commenced. I saw what I thought was a water dept. surveying crew parked on Newtown Rd. In addition to this being a critical box turtle habitat this is the only place I have seen flying squirrels..there is also a fisher in the area…NOT the place for solar! Even if the wildlife were not an issue, forest cover protects the drinking water in many ways…a natural purifier and erosion controller…this project must cease immediately!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I am unable to attend this meeting, but am hopeful our precinct rep will be there. Clear cutting 20 plus acres does not seem appropriate for the village. Barnstable Land Trust tries buying up property to preserve it and here we are destroying it. Anyone who goes to this meeting, please convey my disapproval for this. Thank you