Bicycle Education at Freedom Hall

Rob Miceli, a Cotuit resident and Chair of the MassBike Coalition will teach Bicycle Education at Freedom Hall – July 23rd at 3:00 pm. The first twenty 10 to 14 year old kids to sign up for the one hour course must be accompanied by a parent or grandparent and should bring bicycle, bicycle helmet, and sneakers with laces (NO sandals or flip-flops!) to Freedom Hall. Rob will present bicycle safety, etiquette, rules of the road, maintenance of the bike etc. indoors at Freedom Hall followed by a ride on the streets with him. Please call  Rich Boden at 508-428-2902 to register.

BICYCLES Rules of the Road


Massachusetts law allows police officers to stop bicyclists for violations, issue citations and even arrest violators who fail to give their name. Please take a moment to review the below bicycle safety rules of Massachusetts and be extra vigilant as a bicyclist and a motorist as you enjoy your summer in the village of Cotuit as well as across the Cape.
Must have a white light in front, red light or reflector on the rear, side reflectors on the bike or rider.
Any person 16 years of age or younger operating a bicycle or being carried as a passenger on a bicycle on a public way, bicycle path or on any other public right-of-way shall wear a helmet.
Must have a seat for the rider and passenger. No riding a passenger without a seat.
Cannot ride on a sidewalk in a business district.
Bike must ride on the right side of the road with traffic flow and obey all traffic laws such as stopping at red lights and stop signs and yielding at crosswalks.
Packages may only be carried in a basket, rack or trailer designed for such purpose.
At least one hand is required on handlebar.
Hand signal must be given when turning. Either hand is okay.
Bikes cannot be towed by a vehicle nor may they tow a person on skates or skateboards.
Must give complete and true name and address to police officer when stopped for a traffic violation.
Violations shall be punished by a fine of not more than $20. The parent or guardian of any person under age 18 shall not authorize or knowingly permit any such person to violate any of the provisions of this section.

Upcoming Precinct 7 & Town Meetings July

Monthly Precinct 7 Open Meeting – Wednesday July 8, 3pm, Cotuit Library 

Town Council Administrator Review Committee – Thursday July 9, 6:30pm Town Hall

Town Council Committee to Analyze Management Practice & Policies – Thursday July 9, 6:30pm Town Hall

Town Council Meeting – Thursday July 9, 7pm, Town Hall

Town Council Roads Committee – Monday July 20, 5:30pm, Town Hall

Town Council Appointments Committee – Tuesday July 21, 5:30pm, Town Hall

Town Council Parking Committee – Thursday July 23, 5:30pm, Town Hall

Town Council Charter Review Committee – Monday July 27, 5:30pm, Town Hall