Oystering Season Opens Today

Recreational Oystering Season Begins


Water quality test taken by the MA Division of Marine Fisheries on Tuesday, November 5th show North Bay is suitable for shellfishing. Bay street will be open to shellfishing at sunrise on Saturday, November 9th. Any questions please call Natural Resources, 508-790-6272.

Oysters will open in the Town of Barnstable for both the southside (Cotuit Town Dock and Handy Point) and the northside (Scudder Lane, Barnstable). Please remember the limit is 1/2 peck per week. For more information, visit Natural Resources HERE or call 508-790-6272.

Saturday November 2, 2019

LEGAL SIZE OYSTER: Minimum legal harvest size is three (3) inches longest length.
RECREATIONAL HARVEST LIMIT: Not more than 1/2 peck (5 quarts dry measure) per calendar week
SHELLFISH MANAGEMENT: The Natural Resources Office reserves the right to prohibit the harvest of shellfish at any time in any area of the Town for management purposes.

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Shellfish Area Maps HERE

Shellfishing Regulations HERE

Shellfishing Reopens



UPDATE – 8/23/17 Shellfishing Open

Due to heavy rains, the Town of Barnstable is CLOSED TO ALL HARVEST OF SHELLFISH

For updates & additional information Contact Dan Horn Marine & Environmental Director dan.horn@town.barnstable.ma.us or call MEA Supervisor, Douglas Kalweit
P 508-790-6272
F 508-790-6275
8:30a-4:15p, M-F




Shellfishing RE-OPENS at Sunrise Today

 As of sunrise July 12, 2017 shellfish areas within the Town of Barnstable in accordance with Chapter 130, section 74A of the Massachusetts General Laws, MGL,  the Division of Marine Fisheries has determined that those areas closed due to rainfall on July 7, 2017, now meet the National Shellfish Sanitation Program guidelines for an “OPEN” status.     

Therefore under authority of MGL, Chapter 130, Section 74A, 75 and 322 CMR  7.01 (7) the below-defined areas will revert to their former status prior to the closure of July 7, 2017; effective at sunrise Wednesday, July 12, 2017. 

Those areas previously classified as APPROVED and  in the “OPEN “ status to shellfish harvesting are now open to the harvest of shellfish for direct  human consumption subject to local rules and regulations under authority of MGL Chapter 130, section 52. Similarly, those areas classified as CONDITIONALLY APPROVED are open subject to the classification conditions. Areas classified as RESTRICTED, CONDITIONALLY RESTRICTED and PROHIBITED remain closed to the harvest of shellfish for direct human consumption.