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Mass Vaccination Sites

  • Sites at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Fenway Park, Boston, Reggie Lewis Center,Boston, DoubleTree, Danvers, Eastfield Mall, Springfield, Natick Mall, and former Circuit City,Dartmouth
  • High volume, large venue sites offer the most appointments
  • Availability updated every Thursday

Preregister HERE

COVID-19 Vaccines are FREE

How to preregister

To preregister beginning March 12 and be notified about available vaccine appointments at mass vaccination locations, you will need the following: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information
  • Preferred method of communication; email, text, or phone call
  • Option to ask for help scheduling over the phone
  • Information about eligibility (living situations, medical conditions, occupations)

To help older people and others who are unable to use the form, family members, caregivers, or other companions can fill out the form on behalf of someone else. People who do not have internet access or someone to fill the form out for them can call 2-1-1 to preregister.

If you are not yet eligible and you sign up, your signup will be valid but you will not be offered appointments until you are eligible. There is no advantage to preregistering before you are eligible.

Massachusetts receives a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses from the federal government each week. Due to high demand and very limited supply, there are a limited number of appointments available for eligible people. Please keep in mind that it could take several weeks or longer to be contacted with an opportunity to schedule your appointment.

What happens next

After you fill out the preregistration form, your information will be saved and you’ll receive a confirmation through your preferred method of communication (email, text message, or phone call).

Each week, you will receive a weekly status update to:

  • Confirm you are still on the list
  • Give you a chance to opt out if you have scheduled an appointment elsewhere

The opportunity to schedule appointments will be offered to eligible people on a rolling basis. If you are eligible, you will receive appointment notifications based on when you sign up and the availability in your area.  

Once notified, you have 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

When an appointment is available for you, you will be contacted through your preferred method of communication. 

  • If it’s text message or email, you’ll be sent a link to choose an appointment at one of the 7 mass vaccination locations.
  • If it’s a phone call, you’ll receive a call with information about how to schedule your appointment at one of the 7 mass vaccination locations.
  • You’ll have 24 hours to schedule an appointment. If the appointment is not accepted within 24 hours, you will go back onto the list to wait for another appointment.

*****Please note COVID-19 Vaccines are FREE. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will never ask you for your bank account number, password, or other financial information.

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