Attentions Taxpayers – Incorrect Preliminary Tax Bills Issued

Some of the preliminary Fiscal Year 2024 tax bills recently mailed to Town of Barnstable taxpayers are incorrect. The Fiscal Year 2024 preliminary tax bills should equal one-half of a taxpayer’s Fiscal Year 2023 tax but in some cases it was more or less for approximately 1800 real estate accounts; with a majority of them being under billed. This appears to be associated with taxpayers that either received an abatement or exemption against their Fiscal Year 2023 tax bill. Town staff is working with our software vendor to identify the issue. There will be no fees or interest charged to taxpayers impacted by this matter on the preliminary tax bills until 11/1/2023. The Town’s Tax office will be mailing letters to impacted taxpayers indicating the correct amounts of tax due on August 1 and November 1.  Sample letter is attached. Additionally, town staff will provide mortgage escrow companies with the corrected tax bill information so that escrow accounts are not impacted. In the meantime, anyone who thinks their preliminary tax bills are incorrect can contact the Tax Collector’s office at 508-862-4054 for further guidance. Thank you, Mark Milne, Director of FinanceTown of Barnstable, MA Office: 508.862.4660Cell: 508.328.7124 

FY24 Preliminary Tax Bill Notifcation Letter.pdf