Changes to Oystering Limit at Bay Street

Due to the amount of oysters still present at Bay St and in a continued effort to manage the Dermo (Perkinsus marinus) present in the oysters there, the Town Manager is allowing us to increase the weekly limit of oysters within NORTH BAY ONLY (aka BAY ST) to one level peck (10 quarts) per shellfishing week. This change takes effect SUNDAY JANUARY 1, 2023 and will remain in effect until oyster season closes. 


1. Does Dermo make people sick? NO, it is an oyster disease and although fatal to oysters when the infection is heavy, there is no effect on human health. As long as the oyster is alive, it is safe to consume. 

2. What if I go to Scudder, Harris Meadow or Bridge St for my oysters? The dermo infection is only prevalent at Bay St, so the weekly limit in ALL other areas of Town remains at ½ peck (5 quarts) per week. 

3. If I go to a place that the limit is only ½ peck, can I go to Bay St for another ½ peck during the shellfishing week? YES, if you get a ½ peck at Scudder, Harris Meadow or Bridge St during the shellfishing week, you can get an additional ½ peck provided it is harvested at Bay St.