Attention Voters

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UPDATE 3:15pm

POLLS Open to 12 MIDNIGHT Paper ballots have been secured. All polling precincts currently have ballots. Polls to remain open until Midnight.

UPDATE 12:47pm

Paper ballots have been secured. All polling precincts currently have ballots.  We expect polls to remain open past 8:00 PM and will let you know when it is finalized.   

UPDATE 11:11am

POLLS ARE OPEN and have received emergency printed ballots. PLEASE be kind and pack a little patience as our election volunteers get polling stations underway. We will have an additional update on extended voting time through Secretary Galvin’s office. Voters who have questions or concerns can call the Secretary of the State, William Galvin, at 1-800-462-VOTE (8683).

UPDATE 10:44am from MA Secretary of State

Polling places around Barnstable have received or will soon be receiving printed paper ballots. Secretary Galvin is seeking a court order to extend polling hours in Barnstable to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote today.

UPDATE: 8:45am

The town clerk is printing emergency paper ballots for voters to use while work crews continue to work on the vault. Paper ballots will be identical to machine-readable ballots, but will need to be hand-counted at the end of the night.

The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office is exploring all options available to make sure everyone in Barnstable is able to vote today. This may include seeking an order to extend the closing of the polls in Barnstable, if necessary.

UPDATED: Town of Barnstable Election Ballot Vault Issues

At 4:15 AM this morning, the Clerk’s office of the Town of Barnstable tried to open the vault that houses the election ballots and were unable to. The Town of Barnstable precincts, while open, will not be available for voting until the issue has been resolved. We will continue working to address the issue and are awaiting word from the Secretary of State’s office as to how to proceed.