Patriot Crucible

From August 7 to August 20, 2022, Camp Edwards on Joint Base Cape Cod is hosting Patriot Crucible, a combined training exercise. Since 2017 the MAARNG has hosted and has conducted a multi-echelon, multi-domain, combined training exercise with joint elements at Camp Edwards.  During this exercise the public can expect increased activities in the training area to include range firing, training simulator use, and Solider maneuvers in the Northern Training Area of Camp Edwards.

Patriot Crucible is an intense, two-week field exercise focused on preparing Army logistics and support units from across the northeast to participate in major combat operations against a near-peer enemy equipped with artillery, helicopters and trained troops. In previous years, more than 800 Soldiers from the Massachusetts and New Jersey Army National Guard have participated in the event. They include truck drivers, firefighters, chemical experts and military police.