Community Alert!

The Barnstable Police Department has recently received another report of patrons at a local bar feeling the effects of possible “date rape drugs”. Although there have been no assaults reported at this time, members of the Barnstable Police Department have been actively investigating these incidents.  As a result of the ongoing investigation, information has been developed that the method of ingestion of these drugs may not just be drinks, it is possible that the substance is being delivered via altered “vape” cartridges.  Based on this new information the Department is urging individuals that are gathering in social settings to not only keep a close watch on their beverages, but to also avoid sharing or using “vape” cartridges from unknown people.  

If you have any information regarding individuals or establishments selling or distributing altered “vape” cartridges please contact Detective Andrew Johnson at, Detective Spencer Jackson at, or the Barnstable Police Detective Unit at 508-778-3820.