Slurp Oyster Contest

Hello Recreational Shellfishers!

In case you missed it, we are still having fun with our biggest slurp oyster contest! Our video is HERE

I have finished making the winners “medal” since we only have 1 week left of oyster season! That’s right, one week left to find the biggest oyster (Last day April 28 and then all of North Bay closes)! If you have already entered, you can enter again if you found a bigger one. I am not going to tell you who has found the largest so far since I want more slurps! I will give you a hint, it needs to be at least 6.5 inches to be in the running and remember, people don’t like to walk far so those ones down at the end have probably been there a while…..

Happy slurping and best of luck out there. It was great to see all your smiling faces and amazing entries! I will be sending out another email to announce the winner and ask those that entered if they would be willing to share their pictures with everyone. 

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