Future of Cotuit School Topic of AMAC Meeting Today

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View 2/17/20 recorded Meeting HERE

Update: 1/27/21 The Asset Management Advisory Committee will be meeting Wednesday February 17, 5:30pm. An update on the Cotuit School is listed on the Agenda.

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Meeting ID: 960 4188 8862

The meeting will not broadcast live.

Update: 12/10/20

New SubCommittee of the the Cotuit Fire District has been formed to access possibility of Cotuit Fire District purchasing the Cotuit School

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Update: 12/01/20

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Update: 11/30/20

Asset Management Advisory Committee Meeting Tomorrow Night

Tuesday December 1, 2020, 5:30pm via Zoom


Meeting ID: 926 6912 2857

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Update: 9/29/20
View 9/29/20 recorded Meeting HERE

Update: 9/28/20

Asset Management Advisory Committee Meeting Tomorrow Night

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Tuesday September 29, 2020, 6pm via Zoom


Meeting ID: 944 2980 3202

or phone 888 475 4499

Update: 8/27/20

At last evening’s meeting the Sub-Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the Town Manager  the Cotuit School be demolished. The process, as outlined by Town Architect, Mark Marinaccio, would take approximately two years from request to actual demolition giving the community sufficient time to provide input on the fate of the 13 acre parcel.

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View Power Point presentation that includes both Cotuit and Marstons Mills Schools HERE 

Update: 8/24/20

Asset Management Advisory Committee Meeting

View 8/26/20 Agenda HERE

Wednesday August 26, 2020, 6pm via Zoom


Meeting ID: 965 0566 4518

or phone 888 475 4499

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View David Anthony’s 7/23/20 Power Point HERE

Update: 7/22/20

The Meeting time has been changed from 5 to 6pm.

Update: 7/21/20

Asset Management Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday July 23, 2020, 5pm via Zoom


Meeting ID: 964 3416 8902

or phone 888 475 4499

  • Analysis of the Cotuit Elementary Property: David Anthony
  1. Analysis on keeping the fields for Village use with extra parking
  2. Possible on-site small bldg. that could be leased out for revenue
  3. Analysis on separating the parcels and discussing single family homes/density affordable
  4. Analysis on the current water quality and the current flow with the current septic with three single homes or density housing
  • Public Comment
  • Committee Response to Public Comment
  • Approve meeting minutes of June 9, 2020
  • Adjourn

View 6/9/20 Meeting HERE

The future of the former Cotuit Elementary School and surrounding grounds will be discussed at the Zoom Meeting of the Asset Management Advisory Committee on Tuesday June 9, 2020 at 5pm.  The public is invited to attend remotely and public comments will be accepted.  If you cannot attend submit comments to the Town Council HERE or send email to: council@town.barnstable.ma.us

Zoom Meeting Link https://zoom.us/j/91699926418