Attention Homeowners

Notice from Barnstable Town Assessor
Fiscal Year 2021 Barnstable Town Wide Reappraisal Project

From now until October, representatives of Vision Government Solutions, who have been contracted by the Barnstable Board of Assessors to conduct the Fiscal Year 2021 (July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021) Barnstable Town Wide Reappraisal Project, may request access to your property.  The first phase of the project is:  1) the inspection of all real property that have not been inspected within the last ten years (the Bureau of Local Assessment of the Department of Revenue requires all communities to perform periodic inspections of all real property within a TEN year cycle); and 2) a full field review of residential sales during calendar 2019 to be utilized in the FY2021 assessments (the Bureau of Local Assessment of the Department of Revenue requires all communities to perform a full reappraisal of all property every FIVE years).

The scope of this part of the project is to verify the property characteristics of sold properties in Barnstable during the calendar year 2019. Accurate property data is a critical element in the development of uniform and equitable market values.

The representatives from Vision Government Solutions will have ID badges, a letter of introduction from the Town of Barnstable Director of Assessing, Edward F. O’Neil, MAA, and are registered with the Barnstable Police Department.  The Board of Assessors and Vision Government Solutions appreciate your cooperation in providing the representative with access to your property or any information necessary to undertake this assignment. Please keep in mind that if your property characteristics are not accurate a less reliable assessment could result.  If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the Assessors’ Office at 508-862-4022.

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