Cotuit School

Update November 15, 2019: Barnstable School Committee Agenda #15 on the November 20, 2019 Agenda: Approve Disposition of Former Cotuit Elementary School. 
Update October 3, 2019:
Received from Cotuit-Santuit Civic Association “As most of you know, the Waldorf School lease of the Cotuit Elementary School property was terminated last spring by the Town of Barnstable School Committee. At the time, it was indicated that the building would be used by the Cape Cod Collaborative going forward. Since then, a review of the building indicated that an investment of as much as $1.3 million over three-four years would be needed to address structural and other capital deficiencies to make the building one which the Collaborative would utilize. This entails structural and mechanical issues that are a result of the age of the property and under-investment for many years, and not the fault of the Waldorf School. The School Committee has now indicated that it plans to have the school building revert to the Town so that the Town can evaluate what is the right course of action for the property, including alternative uses other than as a school. This is likely to occur at the November 7, 2019 meeting of the School Committee. The Committee has invited public comment on this matter, and we encourage interested residents to submit any comments that they have to the Committee by e-mail.” The addresses can be found HERE You can review the Committee’s recent discussion of this matter HERE

Update: See February 5, 2019 Newspaper article HERE 

There have been many requests to direct citizens to the online Petition in support of the Waldorf School. Waldorf was recently informed that a new lease will not be available to them to remain at the former Cotuit Elementary School and they must vacate by June 30, 2019.

A recent newspaper article in the further explains what the School District has planned for leasing the facility to the Cape Cod Collaborative