Keep Barnstable Beautiful

You pull into a grocery store, get out of your car and there on the ground is someone’s discarded Dunkin Donut coffee cup and a plastic bag. You could just head into the grocery store and say to yourself, that is not my problem, the store employees need to pick that up. But with the “Just pick it up” mentality you go ahead and pick it up, carry it to the store’s litter bin. Sure its not your responsibility but the people that pick up trash need to outnumber the people that discard their trash in order to win this battle.

When you go for a walk or hike. Bring a plastic bag along with you and pick up some of the trash you find. Recycle the bottles and discard the rest in your trash bin. You won’t be able to pick it all up but you can make a small dent in the problem each time you go out and make your little part of the planet better and cleaner.

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