Public Hearings to Allow or Ban Retail/Cultivation of Marijuana

View Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission HERE

View Information Received 3/22/18 from Barnstable Town Attorney HERE

View Information Received 3/22/18 from Barnstable Finance Director HERE


Update: Following the June 25, 2018 hearing, the Planning Board has kept open and continued the Public Hearing on these 2 items until their July 9, 2018 meeting.

Update: The Barnstable Town Council has referred two Agenda items to the Planning Board for public hearings on Monday June 25, 2018.

Item 2018-159, proposing to prohibit non-medical marijuana establishments town-wide, sponsored by Council President Steinhilber.

Item 2018-163, proposing to create a Cannabis Overlay District and regulations for establishing and operating marijuana establishments, sponsored by Councilors Beedenbender, Cullum, and Schnepp.

View Agenda Items and Maps HERE

Overview of the process may be found HERE