Winter Storm Grayson


January 4, 2018 10:30 PM – The bulk of the snow has ended. We have begun final salting of the main roads. Once that has been completed we will begin salting secondary roads. We expect that to be completed at approximately 4:00 AM. Temperatures are dropping, so walks and areas that do not have salt on them will be slick. If you go out, please be cautious.

January 4, 2018 7:30 PM – We still are experiencing bands of snow coming through, and as a result are continuing to scrape and salt the main roads. Secondary road plow drivers are on their routes as well. Once the snow stops falling, crews will finish scraping and apply an application of salt on all roads (mains and secondary roads), and parking lots. Please be aware, temperatures have dropped below freezing and with all of the moisture we received there is a lot of ice on walks and roads. If you must go out, please proceed with caution.

January 4, 2018 2:00 PM – The rain has started to turn to snow. Western portions of the Town are reporting heavy slush on the roads, and the eastern portions are starting to shush up as well. We are dispatching the main road plows and spreaders to start to scrape off the slush and get a layer of salt down. Secondary road contractors have been called in, and should be on their routes in an hour or so. We have also experienced flooding in coastal areas on the north side of town due to the high tides and wind pushing water on shore. If you must travel, please be aware that as temperatures continue to drop all of the moisture on the roads will freeze and driving will become hazardous.

January 4, 2018 08:15 AM – Good morning, our first large storm of the season is at our doorstep. “Grayson”, as named, is predicted to bring us rain through mid-day, then transition to a mix, and finally become just snow. Depending on the forecast you listen to, snow totals are predicted from less than an inch to up to 4-8 inches. As a result, the DPW is preparing for the higher amounts, and will adjust if get the lesser totals. Spreaders are on site standing by to address icing, and main road plows will be on station starting at 10AM in the event of an early turn-over. Tree crews are also ready in the event that the predicted winds cause tree damage. Finally we are monitoring for possible flooding due to rain falling on frozen ground, and the timing of high tides. At this point we just need to wait to see what Mother Nature send us. All forecasts are predicting that driving conditions this afternoon will be poor, so please stay in if possible.

As a reminder, the Transfer Station will be closing at noon, or sooner if the winds intensify faster than predicted.

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