Cotuit Memorial Park

Cotuit Memorial Park needs improvements and the Cotuit-Santuit Civic Association has taken on the task of creating a draft plan to be submitted to the Town for Capital Improvement Project consideration.

The thoughts behind the park improvements are to address the declining condition of the shade trees, improve flow of the paths and make them ADA compliant, correct the poor drainage near the playground and re-organize the three annual flower beds along Main Street. See Draft Plan Here presented at the November 28, 2017 Civic Association Meeting held at Freedom Hall.

The first sketch shows a bird’s eye view of the proposed park improvement.  The “spoke” of the paths would be pushed back to align with the library stairs; this would require removing two shade trees. The spoke would be enlarged and the WWII Memorial stone relocated to the center with the addition of a new flagpole and flower beds. The path directly opposite the library stairs would extend into the park and pass the other two memorials finishing at School Street.  Benches would be set at the flagpole/memorial area.  The draft plan includes reshaping the existing flower beds into softer more organic shapes, removing three existing Crab Apple trees and planting new Bradford Pear trees in the center of the flower beds. The second sketch shows the view from Main Street.  A new shade tree would be planted where the library parking lot juts out into the park and the library has offered to provide a spotlight from their building to illuminate the flagpole. The photo included is an example of what it might look like.

Keep posted as there is likely to be a “Friends of Cotuit Memorial Park” group formed to assist in the planning and fundraising efforts for the project.

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  1. Bradford pears might not be the best choice. While the blooms are pretty, the smell is terrible, similar to raw sewage. They are also prone to breaking bc the branches are not staggered, but sprout out in a circular pattern around the trunk making it weak.

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