Absentee Ballots are In

ABSENTEE BALLOTS ARE IN for the September 19, 2017

Town-wide Election
If you are a voter in the Town of Barnstable, and will not be here on September 19th, please come over to the Town Clerk’s office and vote by Absentee Ballot. If your son or daughter is away at college and is registered to vote in Barnstable, come on over to fill out a request for an absentee ballot. We will send them out right away.
Thank you,
Ann M Quirk, CMC/CMMC
Town Clerk/Town of Barnstable

Happy Labor Day

What’s open or closed on Labor Day

Banks: Closed

Post office: Closed

Federal offices: Closed

Town halls: Closed

Schools: Closed

MBTA: Commuter rail, buses, subways and The RIDE will operate a Sunday schedule. No South Shore commuter boat service. More information available at 800-392-6100 or mbta.com.

Liquor stores, bars: Open

Supermarkets, stores: Open

Restaurants: Most open