Swimming Advisory

UPDATE: August 29, 2017


No-Bottom, Cotuit

Warning: NONE

Closure: NONE

UPDATE: July 31, 2017

Cyanobacteria Update (These observations are based on our inspection of high risk Barnstable ponds with public or semi-public beaches.)


Lovells, Marston Mills

Long Pond, Centerville

No-Bottom, Cotuit


Advisory: Toxic algae is present, but has not collected into a film on the surface. Pond shows slight discoloration. Can easily see through water. Low to minimal health risks to people, higher risks for pets.

Warning: Toxic algae has started to collect and form a film on the surface. Pond shows slight to moderate discoloration. Can see through water, but water is cloudy. Low to moderate health risks for people, higher risks for pets.

Closure: Toxic algae has collected and formed a thick film on the surface (looks like soup or paint). Pond shows extreme discoloration. Cannot see through water at all. Moderate to severe health risks for people, higher risks for pets.

Health Advisory: Effective 7-13-17, Lovell’s Pond Beach in Santuit is Closed to Swimming due to cyanobacteria and water visibility <4 feet. Check HERE for updates. Learn more about algae blooms HERE

Lovell’s Pond Boat Ramp

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