Electric Rate Increase Proposed


On January 17, 2017 Eversource filed a rate case with the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) which is going to increase everyone’s electric bills starting in January on the distribution side of the electric bill. This is the first fully litigated rate case since the 80’s. Eversource then filed revisions to their proposal on June 1st which is proposing to shift $30 million in costs from Western MA electric customers to Eastern MA residential customers (which includes the Cape and Vineyard). The proposal also includes shifting costs from Eastern MA commercial customers to Eastern MA residential customers. Cape Light Compact is opposed to this as the costs borne by those customers should be paid for by those customers and not subsidized by other customers.

The DPU has reopened the public comment period through August 31, and will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday August 2 at 7pm at Cape Cod Community College – Tilden Arts Center.

If you are able to attend that would be great, but at a minimum we are encouraging you to submit written comments either by mail or email to the DPU opposing this shift in costs. If you are able to attend the hearing, your comments will not be made part of the record unless you are sworn in (just to keep that in mind). To submit via email you may send it to: dpu.efiling@state.ma.us and marc.tassone@state.ma.us. To submit via US mail, please visit our website to see filing instructions outlined in the Notice.

HERE are some talking points that you may use for the public hearing or for submitting written comments. Feel free to add additional information to the letter that you feel is necessary.

For more information and for the notice of filing you may visit our website www.capelightcompact.org/ratecase

Please send this information along to everyone you know who has Eversource for electricity. I know that the majority of people in Eversource’s territory are not even aware that this is going on, as the media has hardly covered it, so it is important for people to speak up in opposition to these increases.

If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Henderson

Lindsay Henderson
Communications & Energy Efficiency Analyst 
Cape Light Compact JPE
508-375-6889 (office)
508-221-0200 (cell)