Precinct 7 Priorites

The genesis of these priorities flow from varied conversations and requests from the constituents whom I am honored to represent.

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY/ EXCESSIVE SPEEDING Pedestrian safety and excessive speed is the most requested issue to address. I requested the Town’s Growth Management Department to prepare the “Cotuit Village Pedestrian Safety Improvements Plan”. This was accomplished with several citizen-visioning sessions held at Freedom Hall. The final implementation is planned for 2016.

Putnam Avenue safety and a meaningful pedestrian link to the ocean and village center continue to be a much sought after goal by the many residents of the Landfall, Presidents and Landsdowne neighborhoods. Growth Management is preparing a concept plan for citizen review and action.

The upgrade and repair of two major private roads in Cotuit continue to top the list. Old King’s Road connects the Town of Mashpee to Barnstable and is off Main Street. Since navigational systems have become an auto accessory this “private” road is used to bypass Route 28 and Route 130 and all the tie-ups that that intersection endures. Nearby is Santuit Road that generates the most complaints as it connects public roads at either end and generates a considerable amount of daily vehicle trips. Like many other private roads throughout the town, Santuit is primarily dirt and it is uneven with ruts and puddles making it difficult to safely navigate. After a good rainstorm its runoff spills onto School Street requiring constant cleaning. These two private roads also are the only roads that connect into a major development, Kings Grant, where all the roads are public.

It was very sad to hear that the Santuit River is devoid of the famed sea-run trout. This could be the result of several factors including the impaired water quality of the estuary where the trout feed. Another major priority is to look to partner with the State and Mashpee to have a review of the conditions affecting the river and create a program to alleviate the problem.

Numerous requests have been received to have the Town follow the appropriate protocol with regards to the American Flag. If the flag is to be flown at all times it should be properly illuminated. A request has been submitted.

A continuing priority is to ensure that the Town produces a Town wide plan for maintenance dredging throughout the waters surrounding our village.

Please take the opportunity to stop by and discuss any Village or Town issue on the second Wednesday of every month from 3-5pm at the Cotuit Library. The next scheduled meeting is January 13. You may also reach me anytime at (508) 360-2504 or weekdays at Town Hall (508) 862-4738. Email   I look forward to your questions and concerns and always welcome your suggestions and ideas! Be sure to check on your neighbors and friends and keep your pets safe too! Your Town Councilor, Jessica