Storm Clean-Up Underway

Cotuit Town Dock Parking Lot

Cotuit Town Dock Parking Lot

Cotuit Town Dock

Cotuit Town Dock

Jan 28, 2015 12:30 PM – DPW continues to work on clearing the main roads. This afternoon we will also be opening them wider and treating the mains with salt mixture. Beginning this evening, we plan to undertake snow removal on secondary roads. Our normal contractors will not be able to tackle this job as much of their equipment is just too small for the task. This work will be undertaken by DPW crews and involve a front end loader and plow combination. We have numerous teams and dozens of pieces of equipment that will fan out across all the Town’s villages. We appreciate your patience in not calling to ask about a specific road. If you have an emergency, call 911 and public safety officials will coordinate any necessary access.

Jan 28, 2015  7:20 AM – DPW crews continue to work on the main roads. Using front end loaders through the night, we were able to clear enough to get our plows back on the mains. We will continue work on the mains throughout the day with DPW crews and contractors. We will begin addressing secondary roads once the mains have been addressed. At best, this will not occur until this evening. THE TOWN MANAGER HAS CLOSED ALL TOWN OFFICES, INCLUDING THE TRANSFER STATION TODAY. We are doing the best we can and will address all roads. Please try not to call the DPW to ask when a particular road will be plowed, as right now we will not be able to provide that information. If you have an emergency call 911.

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